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19 July 2010 @ 07:28 pm
Right now at this point in my life on LJ I don't want to add anyone else. I have a fist full of friends and would love to beable to keep up with their ever changing lives when I have the chance (which isn't often). I feel if I have a whole bunch of friends (just to have them) I can't keep up with the friends I have had on here for some time now. So because of this I am choosing to not add anyone at this time.

If you really find me interesting or saw me through a mutual friends page and really want to get to know me, please check back with me at a later date, I might have changed my mind!!!

Thank you all and have a WONDERFUL day!!!!
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02 October 2007 @ 08:52 pm
I absolutely LOVE Keyshia Cole's CD... I've listened to the CD 2x straight through...

I also love Alicia Keys... NO ONE

and JoJo's response to Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girls... which my niece absolutely loves and sings it like she is on stage with a million fans watching her... I LOVE MY BABY GIRL!!! She really gets into singing and hopefully that means she'll be a STAR when she gets older... she is a STAR in my eyes no matter what though...

Today I went to Keon's mothers house for the first time in like 2 weeks +. His sister has been calling me telling me I am still part of the family no matter what and that I can come over and visit even if Keon and I aren't together... it still feels funny and I told her that too... she's actually going through it with her baby daddy too.. I told her I might need to cut ties with her and the family until everything blows over (if it ever does)...

She understood. Poor thing. I loved all the kids too. God this is so hard.

Keon was gone at work, thank god. I got to see lil Nyomi and Fancy.... SHE IS GETTING SO BIG... I miss my poopies!!! They bought Nyomi a walker at 3 months!!!!!! She loves it though because she hates laying down or sitting....

She called me over there initially because she asked if I wanted to burn the new Fantasia and Keyshia Cole CDs from her... so I ran over there visited for a second and then ran home burnt them and ran right back to give them to her before Keon got home....

I just don't even want to see him... he was trying to stunt the other day when I met up with him to get my extra key for my car and had on a new fit, but he looked sick as a BITCH... I could see it in his face... and I wasn't anything to look at myself... I didn't want him to think I got dressed up for him so I had sweat pants and an oversized T-shirt on... Poor thing probably miss me!!! hahah SICK LOOKING BASTARD!!!!

My nose is still sensitive but nothing is coming to a head....

I am surprised I haven't really cried, but I do feel depressed... I have NO money until my next pay day which isn't until October 15th or 16th!!! that is 2 full weeks of NO cash!!!! I am actually -1.80 in my checking so I probably better transfer some of my money over from my savings to cover that so I don't have to pay 31.80... I keep having to eat out because my brothers promise of filling up the frig hasn't been met yet... he keeps saying he will but he just hasn't... I threw out some of MY food too so it's not like I was living off the food he had up there...

If I was a lesbian I would do Keyshia Cole... I swear this bitch is SOOO real....
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08 August 2007 @ 10:30 pm
This might be too fresh and I might be blunt and MEAN, but like I've said all I got is myself right now anyway, I don't need anyone's lip.

I do not feel like broadcasting my life on LJ anymore. I don't feel like hearing about others problems when I have my own at home to deal with. I don't feel like whining to everyone about things that I am able to change as well as hearing others whine about things they are able to change or prevent. and the DRAMA.. I am trying my hardest to remain DRAMA FREE and eliminating LJ altogether will help that!

My LJ was created for a purpose and it will end for a purpose, therefore anyone who has me added as a friend can remove me as soon as this message is read. I will not be checking it and if anything further needs to be talked about you can reach me at: kerrihause@hotmail.com

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21 February 2007 @ 03:27 pm
Keon text me today saying "I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!!"


I've been wanting 1) a Labtop 2) an Ipod 3) A NEW BOYFRIEND.. LOL JK...

But yeah it is one of those.... so I said "A LABTOP??" and he said "EVEN BETTER!!" I said "AN IPOD?" and he said "EVEN BETTER!!"

So now I just wait to get home to see what he has got up his damn sleeve!!!

OR WAIT, it could be an engagement ring, but that isn't really something we talked about in awhile, plus why would he do that over text messaging??
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31 October 2006 @ 05:11 pm
I changed my layout so my pictures aren't cut off anymore.

And I will be doing a friends cut very soon (not because of the recent comments) I just would like to keep my friends list down because of the fact I can't keep up with everyone and I want to beable to keep up with ALL of you, I haven't been commenting because when I do get on here there is too much to read, so because of that, I will be cutting a few of you... I hope I don't hurt any feelings, because that is NOT my intentions, but for me a few of your journals say the same thing over and over again (that sounds mean doesn't it??) I haven't been able to keep up with and we just really haven't had the chance to get to know each other well. I am sure the ones who will be kept know who they are!!!

I am making this cut because I am going to get deeper and deeper into my feelings about things and I am going to be discussing private issues. As of May I will be coming into a new part of my life as a college grad and as I take this new path I will be sharing with all of you my failures and success!!

So please join me in my new path in only 8 months I'll be a different person, no longer a student, but a GROWN ASS CAREER WOMEN!!!! :)

p.s. those of you who have me on your list who I haven't added please remove me!!! (I don't think this is many though)....

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20 August 2006 @ 09:55 am
I am doing a friends cut, I guess some people cut me from their lists too... :( I guess times change people change right??
17 July 2006 @ 03:44 pm
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